What does digital curriculum mean?
A digital curriculum means that all the teaching materials are delivered as PDF documents to be printed or distributed by your church. For more information about digital curriculum, you can click on the ldquo;Go Digital” tab!

What does station based learning mean?
Station based learning will have kids moving throughout different areas every 15-20 minutes. Each station will have a great large group leader who will prepare one lesson and share it with all the children at VBS! Small group leaders will be with a small group of kids throughout each station for discussion times. Click on the “How it Works” Tab for more info about what kids will see at each station!

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Once I've Purchase Game On VBS, How Do I Access the Material?
Via The Link In Your Email...
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Why Does NextGen4Christ Charge Sales Tax?
Because The State of Pennsylvania Requires Us To.
NextGen4Christ is based in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The state requires that we collect sales tax on each transaction. For more information, refer to the links below:
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But I Represent a Non-Profit Church, Camp, or School...
We know that many of our customers represent Non-Profits. You MAY not need no pay sales tax.

Please review the state requirement in the link below. It is likely that your church, Camp, or School already meets these requirements. If it does, you may submit your Tax-Exempt Form (Digital Copy) to laura@nextgen4christ.com. We will refund your your sales tax once the transaction is complete.

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