How is Knights of God Vacation Bible School Work different from a 'Traditional VBS'?

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How Does Knights of God Vacation Bible School Work?

Knights of God works by first Engaging Kids Imaginations...
Kids' want to travel to faraway worlds join heroes and heroines on great journeys.  The amazing thing is, when kid's 'travel' to these worlds, their minds are open to learning life changing Truths that apply to their everyday lives.  Knights of God uses this reality to the fullest extent: by transporting kids to a medieval world and teaching them about the Armor of God.

Knights of God works by second Building Lasting Relationships...
Everything in Knights of God VBS is built around Knight's Circles.  These circles are small groups of 3-8 kids with 1-2 adults.  These circles travel together, eat together, and explore God's Truth together.  Kids have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with one another and adult leaders throughout the Knights of God experience.  Building lasting relationships will help kids continue in their journey of faith.

Knights of God works by Training Children To Be Devoted to Christ...
More than a VBS curriculum; this is a way to set expectations and goals for your children for what they should be striving towards.  If any of your kids were asked, “What kind of Christian do you want to be?” or “Why are you memorizing Bible verses?”, would they know?  Imagine them answering with, “I want to be doing the right thing, because Righteousness protects my heart.”  Imagine them answering with, “Well, the Bible is like a sword, and it helps me fight off temptation.”  The message in Knights of God can be transferred and reinforced in absolutely every aspect of your kid’s ministry, and can strengthen it!