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Builders Quest VBS

How It Works

Builder’s Quest is an awesome adventure! Kids will discover one Main Bible Point throughout many exciting building block lands. Each day, they will absorb God’s Word through lots of learning styles! With each block pad they land on, they will have a blast building on God’s Truth!

Play Table Praise

Get excited and celebrate Jesus’ truths in song!

Bible Builder’s Kingdom

Dive into the Parables through interactive object lessons and games!

Creator’s Cloud Lab

Get into the action through science experiments and fun brick building activities!

Central City Snacks

Relax and enjoy awesome themed snacks!

Space Missions Pad

Complete a mission to help those who need to hear Jesus’ truth!

Pirate Park Games

Jump, run, and spin into awesome games that teach great lessons!

Play Table Praise

Play “Rock” and “Sand” to review the parable- and praise like crazy!