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We believe in God. We believe there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe He is everywhere, and can make every day events spiritually significant if we are being challenged by His Spirit to grow nearer to Him. One day, God will see His children come home to spend eternity with Him. God is still a mystery. He is holy and without sin. God cares deeply for His creation; so much so, that He sacrificed His only son to be able to let us into His family once more. He fought to have a relationship with us based on Grace, one we do not even begin to deserve.


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We believe in Jesus. When Joshua needed a battle plan, Jesus was there. When 3 friends needed help staying cool in a hot situation, Jesus stepped in. When we needed salvation, Jesus was there. Jesus came to earth against reason and for the sake of doing God‘s will to clash heaven with the everyday and to find a way to save us - at a greater cost then we will ever understand. We can‘t explain the meta-physics, but somehow Jesus became a man (100% authentic human) while remaining fully God. Jesus lived a perfect life. His life ended, temporarily, when he died on the cross. He destroyed the laws of gravity to come back to us, back to life. He defeated Satans power over us so that at His name resounding through our heart and soul, we can be saved. Jesus is now in heaven, awaiting the final word from His Father to come back and complete His mission of redemption. Until then, He is working in the lives of His Bride, His children, His love, the Church, to bring about a revolution of love, peace, and forgiveness.

The Bible

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We believe the Bible. All of it. The Bible is Gods story; how he has revealed himself to the world. The Bible is about God, and the human characters are supporting cast members. While some of the particulars are a mystery (how does the sun stand still for a day, anyway?), God gave us a written record of his relationship with people. And we read it with joy, hope and a conviction to live our lives for the God who created us and saved us.

Most importantly, we try to live by what it says. We believe and live out God‘s word in our everyday lives. It is a sword that pierces the darkness of sin, despair, injustice, and greed. Like any sword, we strive to learn about it and also learn how to use it in every possible way!

The Church

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We believe the Church is God‘s answer for the world. Answer for what? Everything. The church shares Jesus message of forgiveness and redemption. The church looks beyond human distinctions and feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, and heals the sick. The church burns with anger when confronted with injustice, and works relentlessly to fight the evil Satan spreads on this world. The church loves those forgotten by the rest of the world, cares for those neglected by others, and welcomes all to celebrate the new life we have. We believe that the church works to shape the world around it by transforming lives, which transform communities, which transform nations, all for the Kingdom of God. We believe the minor distinctions from denomination to denomination is just that: minor. The church will live as long as it stays true to the narrow path, avoids sin, and preaches with love to bring the fundamentals to the next generation.